COLLINN (Collective Innovation) is an Oslo-based social impact company that is passionate about creating value for positive change on the future through innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in the field of sport and education. COLLINN empower individuals to be more innovative and entrepreneurial in their society.

Why Collective Work?


People who have different skills, world views and backgrounds should come together in creativity environments. In the coming years, we think that we will live in multi-dimensional, multicultural, multi-goal, multi-stakeholder, multi-anything environments. We believe that it is not possible to produce a value alone in such environments. When it comes to developing a value-creating project, this should be done with a collective consciousness.




Our objectives are to:


  • Conduct research on sport, wellbeing, education and social issues;
  • Generate evidence-based knowledge that can be transformed into technical knowledge (that can be used in daily life);
  • Develop innovative educational approaches, methods, contents and tools to support inclusive and equitable quality education;
  • Develop technological products, services and concepts that can benefit the society;
  • Provide innovative project consultancy services on finding external funds and resources for organisations through grants and supports (project proposal preparation, project development and management); and
  • Organise project activities, events and meetings to promote innovation.