The Story of Ours

People who have different skills, world views, and backgrounds should come together in creative environments. In the coming years, we think that we will live in multi-dimensional, multicultural, multi-goal, multi-stakeholder, multi-anything environments. We believe that it is not possible to produce value alone in such environments. When it comes to developing a value-creating project, this should be done with a collective consciousness and work.

COLINN intents to achieve the following goals:

  • encouraging ideas and projects that aim to design the future and make a positive socio-economic impact from a forward-thinking approach;
  • collaborating strategical foresight partnerships with trusted organisations in the fields of education and sport;
  • providing future skill development resources to enable organisations and individuals to be more innovative and entrepreneurial in their society; and
  • boosting competence development at all levels of society and for everyone (including young people with fewer opportunities, students, job seekers, and workers) in the near future.

COLINN implements activities aimed at offering product/service/concept development services through innovation in specific sectors. COLINN specializes in the following activities to encourage organisations and individuals to be more innovative and entrepreneurial:


  • generating new evidence-based knowledge that can be transformed into technical knowledge (that can be used in daily life);
  • developing new approaches, methods, contents and tools to support inclusive and equitable quality opportunities; and
  • developing and applying technological concepts, products, services, platforms and applications to benefit society.


COLINN is member of



Apart from the cozy main office in the heart of Oslo, COLINN is located in the innovation center ( at SNØ (, which houses contemporary offices, conference and training spaces, and a digital broadcasting room.


COLINN has the technological tools and equipment that can be utilized in the competency development workshops that it organizes so that young people can have a touch of diverse technologies. These include cutting-edge VR headsets, drones, AR-enabled tablets, cameras, microphones, and other audio-visual content creation tools.

Akersbakken 37A, Oslo


Main Office, Oslo

Snø, Lørenskog

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