Community-based Approach to Make Impact through Sport

In order to create an impact through sport, we focus on three main components:

1- Content (educational resources, tools etc.)

2- Space (physical or virtual)

3- Community

The content includes educational resources and tools used to equip the sport professionals and people with the skills and competencies they need. These resources, which are used in workshops, trainings, bootcamps even webinars or online mentoring services by trainers, facilitators and mentors, enable the people to develop the skills and competencies needed.

Whether physical or virtual, spaces are platforms that bring people together and provide countless synergy and interaction. In today’s world, it is important for people to come together on these platforms, because people learn a lot from each other by interacting. Such platforms also trigger the creativity of people and increase their motivation to produce value.

The ultimate aim of these two components is to provide the formation of a community that comes together around common values.

Håkon Ege / Collective Innovation