Our Projects.


The special aim of ELCAMP is to develop and implement dual career support mechanism for elite and Paralympic athletes in order to start, develop, implement and scale their business ideas and transform them into socio-economic values for themselves and the sport industry.


The special aims of SPINENT 2.0 is to support young entrepreneur candidates by guiding and accelerating them through the development of the innovative mentoring platform.


The special aim of SPRINGBOARD is to facilitate the transition of elite athletes to the entrepreneurship ecosystem and to increase their employability, including self-employment.


The project “Dual Career of Student-Athletes with Disabilities as a Tool for Social Inclusion – ParaLimits” is aimed at enabling high-level sportsmen and women with some kind of disability to successfully complete their sports and university careers without undermining one over the other.


Project SPINENT aim to develop educational materials and tools for young people who want to become an entrepreneur on SportsTech.


SENTA supports the dual career of elite athletes and offers social entrepreneurship as a career opportunity for them.


SPIN-VET aims to increase the social innovation competences of sport professionals.