Why High-Performance Athletes Should Attend Entrepreneurship Bootcamp?

High-performance athletes have a significant role in their own society and also it is important to develop their skills as entrepreneurs, investors and business mentors. Since technology-oriented entrepreneurship is a relatively new research and education field in sport, the structured course curriculums that can be used by sports organizations, universities, career experts and educators to support the dual careers of elite athletes cannot adequately meet the needs of them.

Equipping athletes with a variety of entrepreneurial skills and competencies are essential for their self-employment and professional career. Skills such as flexibility and agility are vital especially to technology initiatives, and it is crucial for elite athletes to be able to use these skills in their business initiatives.

On the other hand, elite athletes’ career doesn’t last lifelong. Most of professional players and athletes whose sporting career ends, become sports managers, coaches, broadcast announcers or use their brands to pitch the products. However, there are many opportunities in entrepreneurship world for these athletes (Kenny, 2015).

Entrepreneurship bootcamps are quite suitable training programs for elite athletes who wants to choose the entrepreneurship career path. Bootcamps directly focus on teaching practical applications for launching and managing start-ups in a short period of time. The main purpose of entrepreneurship bootcamp programs is to assist entrepreneurs to teach, equip, and direct.

“Bootcamp” approach differs from traditional trainings in terms of two main elements: Velocity and High Efficiency Learning. Bootcamp training resources can make up the lack of knowledge of elite athletes on sports-focused entrepreneurship very fast and provide them with the opportunity to implement this knowledge in practice.

In addition, Bootcamp is a lean training program that provides solutions for the needs of elite athletes and does not contain unnecessary information.  In this regard, the Bootcamp entrepreneurship programs can offer elite athletes an opportunity to combine top-class sport and top-level entrepreneurship training program.

For this reason, we kicked-off the ELCAMP project with trusted partners. The ELCAMP project aims to offer bootcamp training programs and tools for elite athletes.



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Håkon Ege / Collective Innovation