Collective Innovation (COLIN) is a social impact organisation based in Oslo that aims to foster and drive innovation with its sectoral initiatives.

We encourage and empower individuals and organisations to be more innovative and entrepreneurial so that they can design, develop and launch initiatives that address complex socio-economic challenges and planetary needs.

Through sectoral initiatives, COLIN offers services and spaces that facilitate learning, sharing, connecting, engaging, working and acting, in digital and at the locations of organisations where it works collectively.

Sports Innovation

We believe sport has a power to make the impact and design sustainable future for people and the planet.

Green Innovation

We are committed to encouraging green technologies and innovation in order to boost long-term growth through more sustainable and innovative economies.

Education Innovation

We support competence development at all levels of society and for everyone (including young people, job seekers, and workers) in the near future.

We love working collectively on projects that aim to make a positive impact and design a sustainable future for people and the planet. We collaborate with a diversity of impact-driven partners, including startups, SMEs, large entities, sport entities, academic institutions, non-governmental organisations, and governments.